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Your routine dental checkup at Niloufer G. Hamsayeh, DDS starts with a professional dental cleaning performed by one of our highly trained dental hygienists. This phase of the appointment is then followed up with Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh performing a comprehensive dental exam, and oral cancer screening.

Should she notice any cavities or periodontal health problems she will help you understand the proper treatment or preventative measures needed to restore the health of your mouth. If your teeth show early signs of demineralized tooth enamel she might recommend performing a fluoride treatment to help prevent future dental caries.

This is typically done at the conclusion of the dental checkup. Dr. Swati Agarwal will pour a small amount of concentrated fluoride gel into trays. Then she will insert them your mouth with a suction wand. You will need to lightly bite down for a few minutes as the concentrated fluoride starts to infiltrate the microscopic pores of your tooth enamel.

It would be helpful to abstain from eating or drinking for at least a half an hour. This will help maximize the fluoride’s effect while strengthening your teeth to prevent future cavities.

If you live in San Francisco, California, and you are due for your next dental checkup, you should call 415-362-5315 to schedule a dental checkup at Swati Agarwal, DDS.