Our dentist has been quoted numerous times in the New Beauty magazine. Please read the quotes below and follow the links to read the associated articles.

“Invisalign® is one of the best ways to straighten teeth. It returns teeth to the right positions through slow, controlled movements.” To read full article, click here.
“If you drink a lot of coffee, teas and red wines, visiting your hygienist four times a year may be needed.” To read full article, click here.
“Lemon juice, vinegar and any sort of food that has citric acid can wear away at your teeth.” To read full article, click here.
“It’s a very noninvasive way of doing thing where you’re not traumatizing your teeth. Regular braces may not be ideal for adults because the aggressive movement might cause bone loss and more recession on the teeth.” To read full article, click here.
If you start to notice that floss slips with no resistance and you have food collecting in a certain area, have your dentist take a look because it’s probably the start of a shifting tooth. To read full article, click here.
Do over-the-counter whitening strips work? “I’ve seen them work on some patients, but it takes a long while for them to work so the patients have to keep using them, which gets pretty expensive. It does work on patients with bigger or longer teeth. They are inconvenient, but if it works for you, and you don’t mind spending money, it’s an option. An alternative option is the Sinsational Smile® white system, a 20 minute process that can be done after your cleaning. It costs under $200 and is a wonderful option right before a special event or even when you want to perk up your smile.” To read full article, click here.
Will whitening the teeth cause tooth sensitivity? “The sensational smile does not have any sensitivity associated it with. I’ve used it on my most sensitive patients and have found it to be highly effective.” To read full article, click here.
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