A Damaged Tooth Can Be Restored By A Crown

A fall, blow to the face, or using your teeth as tools can cause chips, cracks, and small fractures the enamel of one of your teeth. While the damaged area might not suffer from tooth decay, it’s still a good idea to have the tooth repaired before a problem can develop. Having the damaged tooth fitted for a crown prevents decay, restores the tooth’s full function and improve the cosmetic appeal of your smile.

A crown effectively replaces most of the enamel of a tooth with artificial material such as gold, base metals or porcelain. The material of the crown is largely influenced by its primary function in your mouth and how visible it is in you smile.

Having a tooth fitted for a crown is a two stage process. At the first appointment your dentist will examine the tooth and take some x-rays to assess the extent of the damage. They will then remove the majority of the enamel around the dentin layer of the tooth to create an abutment. This will later anchor the crown in your mouth.

Once this is done your dentist will create an impression of the area to be sent to a dental lab that will create your permanent crown. They will then cement a temporary crown over the abutment to protect it.

During a brief second appointment the dentist will remove the temporary crown and cement your new permanent crown in place.

If you have a tooth that is fractured or cracked that needs to be restored, please feel free to call us at 415-362-5315 in San Francisco California, to schedule an appointment. Here at Swati Agarwal, DDS, we strive to make you smile.

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