Dry Mouth: The Saliva Sickness

When you don’t have enough saliva to keep your mouth moist, you may have a disorder known as dry mouth. When you don’t have the right amount of spit, simple things such as chewing, swallowing and talking can become hard. Also, having a dehydrated mouth can increase your risk for dental cavities and tooth decay; when saliva – which rinses away harmful bacteria and contains protective substances – is absent, your mouth becomes a war zone!

Though many older people suffer from it, dry mouth is not necessarily part of the aging process. (Medications commonly taken in advanced age are, however, more likely to lead to effects of dry mouth.) Below are some of the true roots of dry mouth:

-Chemo. The medications used alongside chemotherapy and the radiation itself may cause difficulties leading to dry mouth.

-Nerve damage. When the saliva gland’s nerves are injured in accidents involving the neck and/or head, the salivary glands may not make as much saliva as they did before the incidents.

-Diseases. Multiple diseases and disorders that impact the salivary glands, which produces saliva. HIV, AIDS and Sjogren’s Syndrome are all diseases that can lead to dry mouth.

-Side effects of medicine. Multiple medicines, including high-blood-pressure medications and depression medications, have side effects that cause dry mouth.

At Swati Agarwal, DDS, we’re trained to help patients deal with dry mouth. If you are noticing the symptoms of dry mouth, please contact us now at 415-362-5315. We’ll schedule an appointment for you with Dr. Swati Agarwal in our San Francisco, California, office so that you can get your symptoms under control.

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