How To Have A Brand New Smile This Year

Do you want a new-and-improved smile this year? If so, our dentist, Dr. Swati Agarwal, is happy to help you! There are things you can do to achieve the strong, healthy, and beautiful teeth and gums you deserve. Those things are:

-Treat any dental issues: All you need to do is schedule an appointment (it can just be a dental checkup if you want). Our dental team will examine your smile and identify any dental issues you have. Then, we will recommend the best treatment for you. If it’s something you want, we will provide the treatment.

-Consider cosmetic treatments: Cosmetic dental treatments can help you have a more attractive smile. There are options like teeth whitening, dental veneers, and dental bonding that can improve the appearance of unattractive teeth.

-Take good care of your smile: You should keep up on oral hygiene regularly. This means you should brush twice a day, floss and rinse daily, and visit your dentist every six months.

If you have any questions or if you would like to know more about how to achieve a new smile in San Francisco, California, please contact Swati Agarwal, DDS today at 415-362-5315. Our dental team is here to give you the answers and information you need. We can also schedule an appointment for you if necessary. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We look forward to helping you!

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