Learn About Denture Alternatives

We often get asked if there are alternatives to false teeth? The first thing we say is that brushing your chompers twice a day is an awesome alternative to false teeth, as is flossing daily!

If you really think dentures may not be right for you, please let Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh know; there are some alternatives to dentures. (However, every now and then false teeth are the only option.) One option is oral implants. Similar to partial false teeth, dental implants are not intended to replace all of the chompers. Instead, implants work with cemented dental bridges to fill the spaces between your pearly whites. Implants feel more like real pearly whites and are not removable, and they can be an awesome substitute for false teeth for those who can receive them.

If you do decide to go for dentures, you should recognize they won’t always fit as perfectly as when you first got them. The oral cavity is comprised of living tissue which grows, changes and shifts over time, but the false teeth will not convert on their own. This can result in an uncomfortable fit over time, so it’s important to visit our office once every six months or so for regular alterations to your false teeth to make sure your dentures have a comfortable fit.

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