What Do I Do If I Have A Toothache?

Toothaches in San Francisco, California, are common dental problems that can be extremely annoying, inconvenient, and bothersome. If you’re currently suffering from a toothache, it’s best that you do all you can to help the situation so you can return to a top-notch oral health. To help you do so, our Swati Agarwal, DDS team recommends doing the following things:

-Step No. 1: Thoroughly rinse your mouth with warm water. You can also rinse with saltwater to draw out the infection and reduce the swelling.

-Step No. 2: Floss your smile and remove any food that is stuck between your teeth. That food may be causing the irritation.

-Step No. 3: If you are experiencing any swelling, ice outside the area in 30-minute intervals. Icing it will help reduce swelling and relieve pain.

-Step No. 4: Please do not put aspirin or any other pain medication directly onto the gums surrounding the tooth. Doing so will burn the gum tissue. If you need to relieve the pain, just swallow the pills instead.

-Step No. 5: If these tips do not help you and the ache continues for a couple of days, please do your best to see your dentist as soon as possible. There may be a major dental issue causing the problem.

If you follow these steps, you will be on the right track toward the relief and comfort you deserve! For more information and tips, please call 415-362-5315 today and talk to Dr. Swati Agarwal or a member of our dental team. The sooner you call into our office, the sooner you’ll receive the help you need!

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