Why You Should Help Your Smile With A Crown

It’s time to consider fixing your worn down, broken, or unattractive tooth with a dental crown in San Francisco, California! A dental crown is a reliable restoration that can give you the oral health results you are looking for in just a short amount of time. Our Swati Agarwal, DDS team believes that this is a great option because:

It can fix many issues
There are very few problems a dental crown can’t fix. It can successfully protect a weak tooth from breaking, restore a broken tooth, and repair a tooth that has been severely worn down. The crown can also hold a dental bridge in place, cover a dental implant, and disguise a discolored or misshapen tooth.

It can help adults and children
Kids can also benefit from dental crowns. The crown can save a tooth that has been extremely damaged by decay and the crown can also protect a tooth from cavities. This is a great option for children who tend to fall behind on oral hygiene practices.

It can last many years
Depending on how well you take care of it, a dental crown can last up to 15 years. As long as you keep up on oral hygiene, attend your dental checkups, and avoid teeth-harming habits, your crown will remain in tip-top shape.

For more information about dental crowns and the ways they can help you improve your smile, call 415-362-5315 today and schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Swati Agarwal. Our dental team is here to help you in any possible way we can, and we are more than happy to assist you if you just call our office today!

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