Your Child’s First Teeth

Your baby is growing every day, which can be an exciting time you as a parent. Did you know that around six months your child will begin teething? Our team is here help you know what you can do during this exciting time to ensure your baby’s teeth grown healthy and strong.

As we said before, your baby’s teeth will typically break through the gums around six months. The first teeth to erupt are usually the two bottom front teeth, also known as the central incisors. Next, you should expect the top front teeth to emerge, with all other teeth beginning to fill in the gaps.

Did you know that teeth usually erupt in pairs, one on each side of the upper or lower jaw? Your child should grow all 20 teeth (10 on top, 10 on bottom) by the time they are 2 ½ to 3 years old. Here are some other important facts to keep in mind as your child’s teeth are beginning to come in:

It’s important that once your baby’s first tooth comes in, to schedule an appointment with your dentist for their first appointment. To schedule your child’s appointment, give our office a call today at 415-362-5315!

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