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One of the most thorough, informative and enjoyable experiences I’ve had at a dentists office ! Dr Agarwal is engaging, expressive and takes her time. 10/10 would recommend

- Nimeshi F.


I got an insane toothache during this lockdown period, and going to a hospital or clinic was just too risky. In this situation, Dr. Swati came to my rescue! I quickly sent her a WhatsApp message with some photos of my aching tooth. In just a few mins, she figured out that it was a wisdom tooth (my teeth have such perfect timing, right? anyway) she asked me if I had any pain killers at home as that would help in reducing inflammation, thankfully I did, she recommended the right dosage and within 2 days, the pain reduced by more than 50%. In about 4 to 5 days, I was off the meds, and felt so much better. The cutest part though, is that she followed up on how I was feeling :) how many doctors do we know who provide so much personal attention to their patients, and closely monitor their wellbeing? Well, she is a true example of how doctors regardless of where hey are, they are heroes :) thank you Dr. Swati for all your help and advice !

- Madhu R.


Dr. Agarwal and her staff are simply the best. I am extremely fearful of dentists but not anymore. Dr. Agarwal immediately puts her patients at ease. She is punctual, pleasant and most importantly, a perfectionist. Her attention to detail borders OCD (in a positive manner). I am very thankful to have found her. We now live 3 hours away from her office but will continue to make regular visits.

- Stacy B.


I got my teeth bleached by Dr. Agarwal about a year ago and was very happy with my long-lasting results. Would recommend. She and her staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and professional!

- Barbara J.


Just a really kind group! I am a caregiver and have been bringing my client here for over two years now. We are always welcomed with a big smile from the receptionist. We always have an excellent experience and thank you for your thoughtfulness and kindness.

- Kurt G.


Dr. Agarwal is seriously the best dentist I've been to - detail-oriented, professional, and easy to talk to! The staff and homey office also complement the whole experience, which makes going to the dentist a lot less scary :). I now live in NY but will schedule my appointments for when I visit the Bay Area, just so I can be seen by her. During appointments, she really takes the time to explain what she's doing and why she's doing it (and explain it in a simple terms so anyone can understand!). In between appointments, she's great at following up with her patients and answering any questions they have. Definitely worth the coast-to-coast travel!

- Garima D.


Dr. Agarwal shows tremendous dexterity in performing very delicate work. I have had her results complimented upon by a well known endodontist. She is also a very compassionate person & always ready to provide explanations as well as assuage any misgivings of her patients. Her staff could not be more personable & pleasant to deal with & are extremely diligent with follow-up needs. Never a chore & no panic associated with dental work when Dr. Agarwal is at the helm!

- Carol R.


I love Swati and her staff!! They are super accommodating, and always explain exactly what and why they’re doing what they do. Even my dentist-phobic husband loves them!

- Katherine V.


I have been with this practice since 1984, when Dr.Wotman owned it. I have had consistent great service from all of the doctors and staff the whole time. Dr Agarwal has continued in that practice, so I continue as a customer even though getting there from Concord can be quite inconvenient.
Keep up the great work.

- Forrest L.


Awesome service and great dentist. Highly recommend for general treatments as well as Invisalign!

- Ankit A.


Dr. Agarwal is a highly skilled and very compassionist Dentist. Dr. Agarwal cares and is a perfectionist with her dentistry. I always feel welcome by her friendly staff who sets you at ease upon arrival. I highly recommend Dr Agarwal and wouldn't think of going anywhere else even though I moved out of the city over 2 years ago and it takes me 3 hours to get there. You'll be happy you made an appointment with her!!!!

- Cindy F.


I highly recommend Dr. Agarwal. She makes me feel comfortable, (have had loads of dental work!) promotes preventative care and lets me know exactly what's going on with my teeth/mouth. Her office is conveniently located for me and the Office Manager Jutta is always there to assist with a smile. Sometimes I have particular time requests for appointments and they always try to accommodate - love that! Wonderful dentist and staff!

- Jeannette C.


My mother was visiting out of country and one of her tooth broke. Dr. Aggarwal was able to see her quickly and did an excellent job fixing it. She has a great personality and very knowledgeable. Office staff is very helpful. Thank you Dr. Aggarwal!!

- Amit Goyal


Had an amazing experience with with Dr. Agarwal today. She and her staff were extremely welcoming and warm. One great quality of Dr. Agarwal is the amount of time she dedicates to her patients. She is precise in what she does and also explains whatever she is doing. This unique characteristic of spending over an hour with her patients genuinely indicates that she does not focus on quantity but quality. This makes her stand apart from the many other dentists that I visited. She is definitely one for keeps.

Thank you again Dr. Agarwal for an amazing experience.

- Senbo P.


Good Morning Ladies,

I'm just enjoying my morning decaf sipping from my nice new coffee cup (thanks to you) and noticed your email address. So.....want to thank each of you for all of the kindness and care shown to me. I know you care for all of your patients but you make me feel really special and want you to know that I appreciate it.

Dr. Argawal, thank you for taking special care of my very problematic teeth and gums and for the extra effort to save my tooth with an antibiotic, and of course your financial considerations, which are very important to me, especially since everything is so ongoing.
Andrea, you are always so nice and friendly. Always enjoy talking with you, and thank you for the extra cleaning and advice on my denture.
Jutta, you are perfect at what you do, alway helping and listening. I consider you a personal friend and, at times, confidante.
Just want you to know how much you are all appreciated. You're a great team!


- Diane and Riley (says arf arf!)


I generally hate going to the dentist but I could not have been more pleased with my experience with Dr. Swati Agarwal. I have moved around quite a bit over the last few years and been to multiple dentists, but my experience with Dr. Agarwal was so great that I just had to put in a review. Dr. Agarwal sensed my nervousness about my appointment and made me feel very comfortable from the beginning. She went above and beyond and explained the exam process and finding thoroughly. Dr. Agarwal was informative, compassionate, caring, and extremely professional. The office staff is also very welcoming and friendly, and made my experience from booking an appointment to check out very easy and smooth. Not to mention, her office space is absolutely lovely. I will definitely be coming here in the future for all my dental needs!

- Rikin K.


I can't begin to describe what an wonderful experience I had at SF Dental Studio. I'm not the biggest fan of dental visits, but the staff at the Studio made me feel relaxed and kept me within my comfort zone the whole time. From the moment I walked in, Jutta greeted me with a warm smile and made the paperwork process a breeze. Dr. Agrawal was extremely professional and is an AMAZING dentist. Every step of the way, she described what she was doing and what's coming next which put my mind to ease. She really knows her stuff and even provided tips and recommendations that would help protect my teeth for post visit care. Her assistant Andrea was very sweet as well and would pause to make sure I was doing okay if I had anything but a relaxed expression on my face.

I don't think I can ever go to another dentist again. 12/10 would recommend.

- Jaycelin P.


If you are on holiday and get toothache, then I can warmly recommend Swati Agarwal. Very professional, extremely nice. This is also true for the whole team. Tips: Jutta at the reception desk speaks German and the doctor's assistant speaks Spanish.

- Tino R.


Had an amazing experience are SF Dental Studio. There was barely any wait time. The service was amazing - staff was incredibly friendly and polite. Dr. Agarwal was very professional and broke down my dental health in simple terms. I didn't feel pressured in doing any treatment. Love this place and highly recommend.

- Prean P


Dr. Agarwal takes great care of her patients. No one likes going to the dentist, but somehow her office makes it feel like a spa appointment. The best part is, she's really good at what she does. Not only is she meticulous and thorough in her examinations, but she'll also walk you through the procedure and answer any and all questions so that you have a clear understanding of what's to come. I also appreciate how pragmatic she is and that clearly shows up in how she shares treatment plans and advice for preemptive care. I have high expectations of the people I choose to go to and Dr. Agarwal is knocking it out of the park.

- Pooja D.


I had an awesome experience at SF Dental Studio.It was my first visit and certainly will not be my last. The staff were friendly and welcoming. Dr. Swati Agarwal was very professional and addressed my dental issues with an excellent action plan tailored to my needs. This was certainly not the type of services I am accustomed too and she certainly set the bar very high. Having a back massage while my teeth was being taken care off was the most heavenly experience. I was so comfortable that I fell asleep and only realized that I dozed off when I was awaken by Dr. Agarwal when she asked me if I suffer from sleep apnea because I was snoring. My dental experience turned into a spa experience. I have definitely found an excellent dental provider and I highly recommend her.

- Selva P.


Love this place! The staff are wonderful and Dr. Agarwal is very caring and competent

- Stella C.


Coming from Germany I got trouble on my first day of an exciting holiday trip the US South West by loosing a crown.

What a luck to step into SF Dental Studio.

Even Dr. Agawal was out attending a conference in the neighbourhood, Jutta her receptionist gave her a call and asked her to help me out on a day where most of SF's dentists where joining that conference.

She came and perfectly solved the problem.

Every minute in the place I felt comfortable, the treatment was professional and the result was perfect.

And outstanding service, super friendly staff and a top quality result. No reason to look elsewhere.

- Peter D.


Best dentist I've been to, hands down!! I've seen Dr. Swati Agarwal multiple times and have always had a great experience. She is friendly, professional and highly knowledgeable. I went to her a few years ago for an emergency dental procedure for a fractured front tooth. As nervous as I was, she made me feel comfortable and explained the procedure step-by-step. The procedure was quick and smooth, and best of all, she did an absolutely AMAZING job!

Unlike experiences with other dentists, Dr. Agarwal is extremely thorough with her work. She always has your best interest in mind and recommends a plan and treatment best suited to you (not a lot of dentists do this!) Her staff is super welcoming and warm. The dental equipment is high-tech and I love how she uses laminated forms to reduce paper waste. The office is in a super convieneint location, especially for those working in SF and because of it's proximity to BART. Also love the tasteful and modern decor.

I highly recommend Dr. Agarwal! Guaranteed excellent service every time.

- Natasha G.


Oh my gosh! My hands get sweaty when I think about seeing a dentist and g this had stopped me for years. Well, my hands still get all sweaty, but now I trust that this it's trotted in my past and not in the current treatment I receive. It's a good thing not to be afraid any longer.

- Anonymous


Previous crown was 22 years old, and they don't last forever. Decay had to be removed from the tooth stump, and some buildup was required, Crown was installed, no problem, and the only down side was that my lower retainer no longer fitted, so I had to get a new one.

- Anonymous


Best dentist ever!

- Anonymous


Dr. Agarwal is an amazing dentist and has one of the best bedside manners I have seen! She really takes care to make sure her patients are comfortable at all times. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Agarwal for your dental work!

- Deepal


Dr Agarwal is the best! I’ve been her patient for 3 years starting in the South Bay. She’s very professional and patient when conducting the exam

- Kishore


Dr. Agarwal is amazing! She truly takes the time to care for all your dental needs. Dr. Agarwal patiently explains exactly what she is doing and answers all of your questions before and after any cleaning or procedure. I have gotten my teeth cleanings from her as well as my teeth whitening. I recently started my Invisalign from Dr. Agarwal and only have positive things to say so far. Will always go to Dr. Agarwal for all my dental appointments. :)

- Anu


Dr. Agarwal has been my dentist for a few years now since she was in the South Bay. I transferred my care to her new practice. She's absolutely amazing as a dentist and with bedside manner. She always makes sure I am very comfortable in clinic. She has done a lot of work for my teeth and always done a spectacular job, also checking in the day after any procedure. I really enjoy the artwork in her office too, as she supports local artists!

- Dee D.


Dr. Agarwal is totally great. The office staff is friendly and professional. They ask about me and seem to care.

Appointments are always right on time, if there is any sort of mishap or they are running a little behind for one reason or another they give me as much notice as they can.

They are very thorough with their dental care, if there is something going on they make sure to bring it to my attention and let me know what steps to take to get things taken care of.

Dr. Agarwal, specifically, is very caring and considerate. If I have any concerns or worries she takes time to explain what is going on and answer any questions I have.

I trust this doctor as well as her staff and would recommend her to anyone!

- Andrea W.


Dr. Agarwal is probably one of the best dentists I've ever had and I've gone through quite a few.

Couple of reasons for this:

1) She's extremely punctual. I often have meetings on and off within the city, and she budgets her time wisely so you can plan out your day very effectively. I don't have to plan to spend hours at the dental office.

2)She's extremely warm and welcoming, and is a calm presence when operating on your teeth. Generally can sense when I'm in pain so it makes it a whole lot easier because she's aware of the sensitive areas.

3) She offers fair pricing for dental services within SF.

4) The tech system that they have in place for reminders and alerts leading up to your appointment makes sure I don't forget that I ever have an appointment.

Highly recommended!

- Mihir D.

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