If you have white spots on your tooth or teeth, Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh may recommend resin infiltration in San Francisco, California. The white spots on the teeth, which are called postorthodontic white spots, are caused by the tooth’s exposure to bacteria in the plaque accumulation on the tooth and around the brackets of braces. Resin infiltration is the latest non-invasive technology available at Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh’s office.

This treatment treats postorthodontic white spots by repairing and reinforcing dental enamel.When treating your tooth or teeth, our dentist will first remove a thin layer of the remineralized enamel that covers the white-spot lesions. This will allow the resin to enter into the lesion freely. The tooth or teeth will be thoroughly dried. Resin is then applied to the area in small increments. The tooth will be cleaned of excess material and the teeth are flossed to prevent the teeth from bonding together. Next, the resin is cured using a special light. More resin is placed, following the same procedure. To complete the treatment, the surface of the tooth or teeth are finished and polished.

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