Oral Health Correlation With Disease

Research data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists the major causes of death in the US: diabetes, cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. There is a link between these conditions and a person’s oral health. People with diabetes have a much higher degree of periodontitis, or gum disease,… Read more »

Are You Tired of the Stains on Your Teeth?

When you think of an appealing smile, you think of straight, bright teeth. Stained teeth are not high on the list of attractiveness. We know how important a healthy, bright looking smile is, and today we’re going to share three common avenues of teeth whitening. 1-Gels and strips With this method of whitening your teeth,… Read more »

How Do I Care for My Smile While I’m Sick?

If you’re sick, you need to keep your smile in mind while you’re curled up in your blankets and cuddled to your tissue box. This is encouraged because your teeth and gums can be affected by your sickness if you’re not careful. So, our dentist, Dr. , recommends doing the following things while you’re sick:… Read more »

How to Have a Brand New Smile This Year

Do you want a new-and-improved smile this year? If so, our , Dr. , is happy to help you! There are things you can do to achieve the strong, healthy, and beautiful teeth and gums you deserve. Those things are:   -Treat any dental issues: All you need to do is schedule an appointment (it… Read more »

Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Oral Emergencies

Are you aware of the dangers of oral emergencies? Numerous oral emergencies can arise at any time at any age. They can range from blunt trauma to your teeth to the loss of normal healthcare utensils such as a filling or crown. If you have suffered any form of oral emergency, it is important to… Read more »

Including a Fluoride Treatment in Your Checkup Lessens Your Chances of Suffering from Future Cavities

Your routine dental checkup at Niloufer G. Hamsayeh, DDS starts with a professional dental cleaning performed by one of our highly trained dental hygienists. This phase of the appointment is then followed up with Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh performing a comprehensive dental exam, and oral cancer screening. Should notice any cavities or periodontal health problems will… Read more »

Solving Dry Mouth

Have you heard that about 20% of the population suffers from xerostomia, a condition commonly defined as “dry mouth?” If you struggle with dry mouth, we can help you. Learn a little bit extra about dry mouth by reading this post. There are a few root causes of xerostomia. One cause is as a side… Read more »

Learn About Denture Alternatives

We often get asked if there are alternatives to false teeth? The first thing we say is that brushing your chompers twice a day is an awesome alternative to false teeth, as is flossing daily! If you really think dentures may not be right for you, please let Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh know; there are some… Read more »

Holiday Hygiene Travel Tips

The holidays are coming up, and for many of us, that means lots of travel time. Remember to pack your dental hygiene kit! Here are some tips to make sure your oral health habits don’t slip while you’re at Grandma’s.   First off, keep up on the basics of hygiene. Brush your teeth for two… Read more »

Whiten Your Smile For the Holidays

The holidays are coming up at a breakneck pace, and holidays can mean LOTS of photos. Make sure your teeth are photo-ready with these tips!   Brush: The easiest way to prep your smile is to brush up your brushing and flossing habits. Brush your teeth twice a day, for 2 full minutes each time…. Read more »