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Will Botox® Help Relieve TMJ Pain?San Francisco, CA

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Find TMJ pain relief through Botox®

Botox® is commonly used in cosmetic surgery, however, more recently, TMJ specialists have been exploring its use for treating disorders and dysfunctions related to the temporomandibular joint. There are a number of treatment options for addressing TMJ, including at-home remedies, as well as more extensive procedures such as surgery. Botox® falls in the middle, being more involved than a simple ice pack or over-the-counter medication, but not as invasive as a surgical procedure.

The results can help relieve pain and reduce jaw locking, both of which are common symptoms that come from TMJ disorder and dysfunction. Ready to find out more?

How Botox® works for TMJ

When Botox is used to treat TMJ symptoms, the process is relatively easy compared to other options. To start, the TMJ specialist will inject the Botox into the temporalis, frontalis or masseter, all of which are common sites that can help appropriately disperse the Botox agents. Myofascial trigger points around the TMJ can also sometimes be the source of pain

The appointment typically takes less than 30 minutes and can be repeated as needed to achieve desired results. Depending on the severity of the pain associated with the TMJ disorder, the specialist may recommend further injections after the initial three.

Botox works to relieve TMJ pain by targeting the muscles that have been affected. This usually includes the muscles of mastication. Once it reaches these areas, the Botox agents work to block contraction of the muscle by blocking nerve impulse. This relaxes the muscle and loosens up any tension that has built up due to the malfunction, thus resulting in less overall pain.

Expected Results

The result of Botox for TMJ pain lasts for about 3-6 months. Over the course of treatment, the TMJ specialist will take special note of how well the patient reacts to the injections. If the reaction is positive then repeated injections may be done until the symptoms remedy. However, if Botox is not effective then the TMJ specialist may recommend a more extensive treatment plan, which may include a surgical procedure. Additionally, it is good to know that Botox is not known to be harmful to the body.

Learn More About Treating TMJ with Botox®

As a TMJ dentist, we speak with patients that have visited medical providers in the San Francisco area who have recommended solving the problem surgically. Our team at Swati Agarwal, DDS provides cosmetic dental services in San Francisco and the surrounding area. Call us at (415) 952-1149 to schedule an appointment and learn more.

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By visiting us as soon as possible, our team can help get you the professional treatment you need. Instead of waiting around and allowing the symptoms to get worse, we can provide you with treatment options.

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