Dr. Hamsayeh saved my smile! I am so lazy, but I signed up for a yelp account just so I could review her work.I have hated my teeth ever since I had my braces removed in the 8th grade (1991!). The braces I had almost completely covered my small teeth, making them hard to clean or know that they weren’t clean. When removed, I had stains on my facial teeth, cavities, calcium deposits. I should have been thrilled to get the braces off, but left the orthodontist’s office in tears.
After spending thousands in upkeep over the years (i.e. fillings, crowns, root canals, replacing stained fillings over and over again, etc.) a friend recommended Dr. Hamsayeh when I started thinking about veneers.
I met Dr. Hamsayeh for a consult, and she was so kind and positive; she is like a smile therapist. She listened to my concerns and my long list of dental horror stories. She then explained the pros and cons of several solutions, including affordability, durability, longevity, etc. Together we created a plan that was affordable for me and definitely gave me the results I wanted.
Now I have a beautiful smile that looks completely natural; exactly what I wanted. (You would never know I have veneers!). I even get compliments on my smile, which NEVER happened before. I am so thrilled with the results and have so much more confidence when I smile, it feels great!!
I highly recommend scheduling a consult with Dr. Hamsayeh if you are insecure about your smile. She is amazing!
– Kathryn K. | 3/14/2017
Dr. Hamsayeh and her staff or amazing! They are kind and care about you as a person. They have helped with me have affordable dental care and the means a lot. From teeth whitening to cosmetic dentistry they do everything you need for a happy healthy smile.
– Rebecca J. | 2/28/2017
I don’t mind the 2 hr drive to the city because I know am going to be well taken care of. I trust Dr. Hamsayeh as she educates me on new technology and procedures to benefit me. Dr. Hamsayeh is on top of her game! Not to mention the great staff, environment and service. It’s about feeling GREAT when I walk out of the office, I can smile and love my smile!
– Jenssy A. | 12/23/16
First, I’d like to start by saying I have an irrational fear of needles (panic attacks and tears) and Dr. Hamsayeh was very patient, gentle and kind. I had a deep cleaning done today, and felt absolutely no pain!!! My mother has gone to her for many years and has had extensive work done and has told me how happy she is with her!!! While on a road trip last year to St. Louis, I broke my front tooth. Dr. Hamsayeh did a fantastic job and I can smile once again!!! I have an appointment in a couple of weeks and while I’m not looking forward to the needles, I am looking forward to seeing her.
– Nora M. | 8/23/16
For someone who has avoided going to the dentist all her life, discovering Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh was a breath of fresh air.Starting with her office that is in my favorite part of San Francisco, her inviting ambiance and friendly staff, to Dr.’s Nilu’s gentle and kind approach to dentistry (not to mention her amazing competence and skill), it is literally as good as it gets.
– Nooshin A. | 5/30/2016
I first came here because it was an ideal location for me, but I stayed because she cares for her patients. Her skills with the tools she uses is unlike any dentist I have ever been to. I am completely comfortable when getting work done. Also she doesn’t try to get you to do unneed procedures. And Dr. Hamsayeh is quick, procedure wise and appointment wise. No wasting time going in multiple time evaluating something that needs to be done. I highly recommend her because most importantly I trust her.
– Larry W. | 5/28 2016
This review is long overdue for Dr. Hamsayeh! I have had such a fear of dentists over the years and I had been to four dentists who claimed my situation was mostly hopeless. Dr. Hamsayeh took the time to get to know me and my lifestyle so that she could best install a plan for my personal cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She turned a hopeless situation around and I can honestly say I have never had so many compliments on my smile. Her team is awesome too. They have always taken such good care of me. They feel like family and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Hamsayeh!
– Lisa J. | 3/29/2016
Dr. Hamsayeh, Jutta, and the whole staff are great. I highly recommend this dental practice.
– Spencer C. | 11/10/2015
I’ve been going to Dr. Hamsayeh for 20 years. She is absolutely fabulous. She really cares about me as a person as well as my teeth. She devotes her life to improving herself as a dentist. And she has awards all over her wall. She also gives great advice on how to keep my teeth clean so I don’t have problems in the first place.
– Dean R. | 7/7/2015
OK begin with I hate dentists. However I have been seeing Dr. Hamsayeh for more than 18 years off an on, and I totally love and admire her as a person and as a Dentist. She has taken care of my teeth for a long time, and I have not been a good patient at all. I hate flossing, or all the things that she told me to do… she is patient with me and just takes care of me, through emergencies and all that.If you have to, have to go to a Dentist she gets my vote any day.
– Ritu R. | 7/6/2015
I have been comming to Dr.Hamsayeh for some time and I always feel soo comfortable and well taken care of by her excellent expertise as well as her lovely staff. Great dentists are hard to find and guess what guys….this is the one to keep! I had my teeth cleaned and whitened recently and I look fantastic…..I cant wait for Dr.Hamsayeh to fit me for my invisilign soon. Im also excited now that she also offers Ultherapy…a facelift with now downtime. Thank you Dr.Hamsayeh for taking care of my smile. You are truly amazing.
– Dimitri C. | 8/2/2014
I highly recommend Dr. Hamsayeh she’s gentle and makes sure that her clients are comfortable and not a bit of pain.
– > Aaron M | 6/16/14
Dr. Hamsayeh is a great dentist! I recently chipped my front tooth and today she fixed it and it looks beautiful! Since I have been going to her for almost 2 years, my teeth and gums are the healthiest they have ever been and truly beautiful! I love to smile now more than ever! Thank you Dr. Hamsayeh!
– Liv D. | 6/5/2014
Dr. Hamsayeh was very gracious to me, and she was very thorough and relaxed. She offered me a wide range of options for reconstructing my smile, and she told me things about my teeth that I did not know before. Her dental assistant, Laura, also made me feel that I was in compassionate hands, and it gave me courage to have some involved orthodontic work done. Her office assistant, Jennifer, was unfailingly polite – as I scheduled four appointments in a row and was unable to get there until the fifth try. I am a nervous dental patient. Now that I have been to Dr. Hamsayeh’s office and experienced her professional team, and her own thorough style of dental care, I have confidence that she can give me a great smile. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
– Cate N. | 11/4/12
When I read about Dr Hamsayeh in the Beauty Magazine I know this was the person for me. Not only did she take the time to understand my need’s, we went into great length of what my options were going to be. She not only knows her stuff, she and her staff care’s. They are about the service, results & cost!! I would recommend any one of my family or friends who are looking to try Dr Niloufer Hamsayeh, DDS
– Steve C. | 10/23/2012
I have been going to Dr. H for over a year now after I saw her in The New Beauty Magazine. She is the best!!! She is very knowledgeable, caring, and down to earth. I went in to fix my smile that I have not been happy with after orthodontics from a different Dr. in New York. We discussed my options and we decided on Invisilign. I am so happy I chose to go to Dr. H and take charge of something that has been bothering me for years. She really has an eye for what looks best on you as an individual and she takes a lot of care in giving you a beautiful & healthy smile.
– Jennifer D. | 5/24/2012
I had a cleaning done and it was a great experience. Ana the hygienist was very gentle and thorough. Dr. Hamsayeh was very nice and has lots of experience in dentistry and the latest technology. Really enjoyed the visit and talkng to the rest of the staff. They were all very professional. It was the best dental experience I’ve ever had!!!
– Nina H. | 4/23/12
Dr. Hamsayeh is amazing. My smile has never been greater and my teeth are beautiful. She only accepts perfection for her patients’s teeth. She is the absolute best dentist you will ever go to. She knows what she is doing, has the best advice and delivers flawless results for your teeth. You will love your teeth and smile.
– Heidi M. | 3/15/2012
great price for teeth whitnening, new system that is faster and doesnt make the teeth sensitive. Really like her and her staff and they are fast. Office is very convienent and aesthetic. Works for me!
– Maria N. | 3/14/2012
I visited Dr Hamsayeh as I had some cosmetic issues I had been putting off for years. I was very impressed with her work and went ahead with the treatment plan she recommended. I’m so glad I did, I love the results and get complemented often. Thank you for your dedication to your patients. I highly recommend Dr Hamsayeh.
– Mark S. | 1/16/2011
I am a nervous dentist patient, and like many people, never went to the dentist much while in college. About two years ago I decided I wanted to address some of my bothersome dental issues – mostly cosmetic – but also a severe habit of grinding my teeth at night and TMJ syndrome. I went to a few dentists in my area (south bay) and found them all to heavily push sedation and lots of cosmetic procedures. Few spent time with me to really talk about the science of my issues.I found Dr. Hamsayeh via some personal references (the New Beauty entires solidified it), and she turned out to be the epitome of professional. Our first visit involved an interview and then a very extensive oral exam. I know more about my teeth than I ever have before.
Being someone nervous about needles, I was naturally very concerned about the first filling we found was necessary, but today I hardly remember the procedure. This is a far cry from those I experienced as a child. After that I realized she was the person I could trust most with a very expensive procedure: a full set of veneers. I managed to do the entire process without sedation of any kind.
And… these are the most perfect set of veneers I’ve ever seen on anyone and I’m extremely impressed. The artistry is amazing. On top of that we managed to reduce the effects of my TMJ syndrome and are addressing the grinding.
If you want someone who cares about you and your teeth, not just your presence and money, then consider Dr. Hamsayeh.
– Heather A. | 1/15/11
Dr. Hamsayeh is a great dentist. She is very skilled and runs a very efficient office. She takes wonderful care of her patients and takes true pride in her work. I highly recommend Dr. Hamsayeh.
– Meharnaz F. | 12/15/2010
Dr H is the best dentist. She literally rebuilt mouth. Gives her home and cell phone number to patients for emergencies. Calls to make sure you are feeling ok. Comes in at 5am if you are in pain feeds you milkshakes! Gives you scented pillows and is an ARTIST when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. You will love this office
– Maxine M. | 12/15/2010