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“Dr. Hamsayeh is a wonderful dentist and a fantastic person. I’ve been going to her for (look in your records) years, and she always provides excellent service. She cares about me as a person, and she’s always painless, both in the mouth and on the wallet. I would gladly recommend her to anyone.”    – S.B

“I now live in South Florida and I STILL fly to San Francisco if I need any cosmetic aspect of my teeth worked on, or any root canals, no one does them better. She is amazing!” -Maxx

“If you moved 810 miles away from your dentist would you still keep your dentist? If your answer is no then you need a new dentist. Dr. Hamsayeh is professionally caring, has the best technology and the customer service is ideal. If you need a fantastic dentist that you can trust look no further. -Bijou
She completed two of my lower bridges and upper front teeth veneers/crowns long ago and even today they serve well.I also get regular teeth cleaning to ensure long use on the work she has done. Now I live in DelMar, San Diego county and still I fly to SFO for annual care and maintenance.Excellent service.”  -Gus Irani

“Very nice and provided wonderful service. They definitely care about your dental health.”    -Rene Lester

“From the minute you open the door to the office you’ll have a great experience. The staff at Dr. Hamsayeh’s office are very kind and welcoming. The office is filled with soothing touches such as orchids and warm colors. I came to the office with some old bonding, 12 years actually, that was completely discolored. My experience of changing out the out dated and cracked bonding for veneers was life changing. I was very aware of the discoloration and tended to not smile as much, now I can’t stop smiling! The results are very natural looking. Dr Hamsayeh worked closely with me to change the shape of a few teeth so that the results were just what I wanted. I would highly recommend Dr Hamsayeh for cosmetic and general dentistry. The cleaning and exam was the most thorough I have ever had and I’ve been to 4 dentists before I found her.”    -Sally

“If you’re in the S.F. Bay Area, you will not find a better dentist, period! Dr. Hamsayeh sets a standard that all dentists could hope to achieve. She is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of dentistry and puts her patients’ dental health first.  Without reservation, I can recommend her to anyone in need of any level of dental care, whether it’s a simple check up and teeth cleaning or a more substantial level of care.”     -A. Pruett

“I first came here because it was an ideal location for me, but I stayed because she cares for her patients. Her skills with the tools she uses is unlike any dentist I have ever been to. I am completely comfortable when getting work done. Also she doesn’t try to get you to do unneed procedures. And Dr. Hamsayeh is quick, procedure wise and appointment wise. No wasting time going in multiple time evaluating something that needs to be done. I highly recommend her because most importantly I trust her.”   -Larry Walton

“This review is long overdue for Dr. Hamsayeh! I have had such a fear of dentists over the years and I had been to four dentists who claimed my situation was mostly hopeless. Dr. Hamsayeh took the time to get to know me and my lifestyle so that she could best install a plan for my personal cosmetic and restorative dentistry. She turned a hopeless situation around and I can honestly say I have never had so many compliments on my smile. Her team is awesome too. They have always taken such good care of me. They feel like family and I will be forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Hamsayeh!”     -Lisa Janssen

“For someone who has avoided going to the dentist all her life, discovering Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh was a breath of fresh air. Starting with her office that is in my favorite part of San Francisco, her inviting ambiance and friendly staff, to Dr.’s Nilu’s gentle and kind approach to dentistry (not to mention her amazing competence and skill), it is literally as good as it gets.”      -Nooshin Azimi

“Niloufer G. Hamsayeh, DDS, is the best dentist I have ever had. She is gentle, encouraging and also very precise and determined to do the absolute best for her clients. She loves her work and it comes across. She told me a story about one of her first patients – a woman who had fallen from a fire escape and shattered her jaw. When the client looked in the mirror for the first time at her reconstructed jaw and her porcelain veneers, she burst into tears of joy. That was when Dr. Hamsayeh decided to develop a specialty in cosmetic dentistry. She wants to give people joy and she wants to help change people’s lives. She is the real thing.”    -Cate

“Cosmetic Dentistry seems like such a perfect combination when you think about it for a minute; kinda like Ghirardelli & Chocolate, Sourdough Bread & San Francisco or Buena Vista Cafe & Irish Coffee. Plus, who doesn’t want healthy and beautiful teeth?”

“I first met Dr. Niloufer Hamsayeh, about 5 years ago, after seeing her profiled in New Beauty magazine. As I was thinking about getting a new dentist in the City, I thought, why not? I anticipated sailing through my initial appointment with an A+ (over achiever that I am), only to discover, I had a few unknown minor issues; surprising me, as I consider myself to be dental-care-diligent. Niloufer made several positive suggestions: changing toothpastes and mouthwashes, adding mineral pastes and altering my cleaning schedules. And on a nice side note, she does the cleanings herself. Her office is easily accessible at 500 Sutter Street and is immaculate.”

“Over the next four years, she has carefully, painlessly and thoughtfully, treated me for replacement crowns, Invisalign retainers (preventing the return of that dreaded 7th grade overbite), whitening and now, most recently several bone grafts and gum augmentations surgeries (it’s genetic for me). And, as I mentioned, all painlessly; she’s an expert with local anesthetics.”

“So, unless you are planning on reconnecting and donating to the Tooth Fairy, give her a call. Don’t be afraid. You might actually find her quite charming, as I did. Really.”           -Kathryn M.